Deep-sea expedition captures images of the rare ‘Dumbo’ octopus; watch the video

Video showcases images of the incredibly rare ‘Dumbo’ octopus captured during deep-sea exploration in the Pacific Ocean.

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Video captured by the Ocean Exploration Trust reveals the incredible marine creature at a depth of one and a half kilometers below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, near the northwest of Hawaii.

According to National Geographic, the rare Dumbo octopuses are found in deeper waters as they typically inhabit nearly 4 kilometers below the ocean’s surface. They are named after the two large fins that resemble ears, much like the famous Disney character.


These octopuses often use their ear-shaped fins to propel themselves in the water and their arms to navigate the darkness of the ocean. Unlike other octopuses, they lack an ink sac because they hardly encounter predators at the ocean floor.

Researchers were conducting the expedition to explore deep-sea habitats when they were surprised by this rare sighting. In addition to its mysterious beauty, the Dumbo octopus captured on camera also had another rare quality: it was larger than most of its species. According to Insider, the Ocean Exploration Trust mentioned that the filmed creature was about 60 centimeters long, much larger than the average size of 15 to 30 centimeters.


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