Crocodile without upper jaw finds a new home and gets a very fitting name; see here

In the video, the owner of Gatorland, the park where the crocodile will live, tells how the reptile’s female counterpart is doing and the name she received.

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The crocodile that went viral for lacking most of its upper jaw has been given a name inspired by a country music song. The park that received the animal sought online help in naming the reptile, a 3 to 4-year-old female weighing about 18 kilograms.

She was found in early September and taken to Gatorland, a theme park and wildlife reserve in Orlando, Florida. In a video posted on the park’s social media, its CEO, Mark McHugh, announced why they chose the name, which was based on a major hit in American country music and is on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.


“This little crocodile is an absolute treasure, we are very passionate about her, but another American treasure is Dolly Parton,” said McHugh. “One of the names we liked the most was a play on a famous Dolly song, so we’re going to call this little crocodile ‘Jawlene.’ The song McHugh refers to is called ‘Jolene,’ but the word ‘jaw’ in English means mandible, so it fits so well.

It is not known how Jawlene lost her jaw, although speculations include interaction with a boat propeller or aggression from crocodiles. The park is keeping Jawlene isolated in her own pool until she feels safer and more comfortable. According to McHugh, in the future, when she is stronger and less stressed, she may receive a prosthetic.

“We’ve talked to some people who make prosthetics for animals and for humans, people who do 3D printing,” he said. “That’s something that’s coming up. We don’t want to stress her out by trying to do something with her right now,” he explained. “We’ll let her get comfortable, start eating, gain weight, and just settle into her new world.”


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